Homemade deer blind and custom plexiglass windows

Here is a 5 x 6 deer box blind that I recently built. I am not a carpenter by trade but am a DIY guy and have designed and built blinds to longbows. Materials are 3/8 plywood sides and top; door and floor 3/4 ” plywood; 2 x 6 treated frame under floor; R panel metal roof ; custom cut window rails made from 3/4 x 1.5 and 2″ boards. The slots are 1/2 ” in cut 1/4″ from edge that actually put the slot about halfway. I ran the rails both directions on the table saw to get a perfect slot for the .093 plexiglass. I used a skill saw with a plywood blade to cut it. I tried that so called special tool and messed up one so tried the skil saw. I secured the plexiglass with a board over the glass and sandwiched it between it and some plywood. Also I had to lay a board on the noncut side and screwed it to the plywood to keep the glass from sliding. I secured a piece of plywood about 1/2″ from main plywood to create a valley for the blade. Finally ‘ I secured a board to run the skill saw against to get a good cut. Worked real good. I ran a 3″ angle flashing around the top of stand. the corners has 1.5″ angle aluminum for wear and tear protection and Used them on the windows & door for drip guards.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Thanks for this. Just what I needed for a cheap and easy window. I love making deer stand!! But I’ve been making my windows different for every stand trying to find the right one for me.

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