Homemade deer blind part 1

In this video I show how to make extremely effective cheap deer blinds. Hunting does not need to be expensive, and can be a cheaper hobby if you allow it to. Thanks for watching, like and subscribe for more DIY budget outdoor and hunting videos.

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  1. Right on! FREE,,, I love free. I didn't use the inside plastic container, at all. I covered the whole cage with some old discarded indoor-outdoor carpet,,,, attached it to the cage with zip ties. then I attached velcro to the tops of the window cut-outs. just fold them over the pipe rails to shoot out & you'll already have some 'protection' from banging a gun into the pipe window frames.
    I also made pipe journals for the 4 bottom corners,,,,, & used 2" sched 40 for quick attach legs that just pin together.
    I just started my 2nd one,,, It will be fastened to a 4' x 6' trailer,,,, so i can pull it around with the quad as needed,,, where ever.
    keep your eyes open on trash day,,, there's always someone throwing out old swivel high-back computer arm chairs,,,,, they are very comfortable in there!

    BTW, THANKS for the 'latrine' urinal idea,,,,, I didn't think of that.
    I just use a W I D E mouth detergent bottle!!! ;>)

  2. You can use a door screen mesh for the quick release windows, attached by a couple of magnets on the top, it will allow the air flow, keep the mosquitoes away and let you see through, it’s also very quiet! You can get it virtually for free.

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