How to Assemble Terrain Outdoors "The Range" Pentagon Hunting Blind

This is a video on how to assemble The Range hunting blind! These stands are just awesome! So spacious on the inside and plenty of shooting windows! Absolutely cant wait to be hunting in these stands this fall! Check these products out the links are below!

Terrain “The Range” 5 Sided Hunting Blind

Terrain “The Archer” 5 Sided Bowhunting Blind

Terrain “The Edge” 4 Sided Hunting Blind

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Windows leak, have to stabilize it in a windy situation must build your floor to keep things in place, door is quite flimsy, had to stabilize it, but better than sitting in a rainstorm.

  2. Does Anyone know how the hell to get the door knob on the door. I can't get the handle part to go threw the knob part like its supposed to and yes I have it in there the right way theres only one way it can go in. Its almost like the frame of the door is making it harder to put the door handle and knob on. Even tried clamping it on and hammering it on. Nothing works….

  3. Did you have trouble getting the door latch to snap together? I couldn’t get it together, tried snapping the 2 pieces together to see if it was working.. Now I can’t get it apart to shut my door.

  4. I have a few questions I'd like to ask if u don't mind.
    1. How many ppl fit comfortably?
    2. If I'm building a elevated stand, what dimensions is safest? On a square stand BTW 6×6? 7×7? It gives the dimensions but this is a different shape. I'm super into these but your the first to make a video. I check daily lol. Thank you for the video

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