How to Build a Deer Blind – How I made a Deer Blind Under $400 dollars

In this weeks video, I show how my dad and I built a deer blind together. We started with 2×6’s for the frame. Then we covered the floor joints with OSB board. Once that was done we created the walls by 2×4’s. We covered the walls with OSB board on the exterior. On the inside we insulated it then covered the inside with tar paper or ice and water. The top of the hunting blind has a sheet of ice and water and then a metal roof on top. You can see at the end that this blind is way to heavy to move. Stay tuned for the next video and we’ll show you our plan for how we’re going to move this.

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  1. I have build around 13 diy box blind / shooting houses. Biggest thing I have learned… put some sort of vent in it. Weather it's in the top of the walls, or the roof. Because in the summer time when its hotter than snot out, the inside of your blind needs to breathe. Or it will get a mildew smell to it in time. And if we can smell it, you know the deer can. Not to mention, moisture in a warm area leads to mold eventually. Just a tip.

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