how to build a deer blind – remastered

This video is a remaster of the original ‘how to build a deer blind’ video. We had some suggestions to either turn down the music or remove it entirely, which prompted me to remaster the video without music throughout. As always, if you have any questions or would like a copy of the blind plans you can contact us at [email protected] and we will get back with you as soon as we can. If you liked our video and /or find it useful we would appreciate it if you would press ‘like’ and also subscribe to our channel.

Also, if any of you decide to build and use our design, we would appreciate it if you would send us any pictures you have and also any modifications that you make as we will then make them available to everyone if we like the suggestions.

Have a great hunting season!!

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  1. I built mine the same way, found camo osb from home depot. The windows, I cut the top first then hinged it, then cut the other three sides, added a string to the outside to pull open the window and adjust the opening. For the seat I built the base and hinged the top to fold out of the way getting in and out of the blind.

  2. It's very sample to make a hard wood blind just need to time to make it that all. I built five of myself
    but I use treat plywood for all wall and floor and is cost me about $400-$500.

  3. Nice blind! What window height did you go with? I've found that the higher you elevate your blind, the lower you want the bottom of the window to be (for shooting at a down angle). Also, caulking and paint will go a long way at making your investment (Time and $$) last longer…as will metal drip edges on the corners, around the rood edge and above each window (to keep rain from dripping in. A corrugated tin roof topping will also extend the life of your blind. Carpet remnant on the floor would be a great addition…quieter and easy to pull out and shake to clean.

  4. Outdoor carpet will work well to deadening chair and movement sounds and you can usually find remnants at carpet places.
    Or just regular low pile carpet scraps from carpet store and change or hose off to clean every year or so.
    I'd cover the outside with that rolled shingle or cheap discontinued/marked down or budget shingles for water proofing outside and a little for blending in.
    I would make the legs using the 4×4 long on ground sticking past ends and angled cut to drag them to relocate.

  5. Tip #1: Don't put padding on the floor; water soaks in an shortens the life of the deck board significantly. Tip #2: You can't have too many shelves & hooks Tip #3: Depending on your location, sunshades at the tops of the windows can help immensely in the right conditions. Tip #4: Keep a small broom in the stand for leaves on the deck and wasps in the overhead.

  6. LOOKS GREATi had one built likr yours BUT it was in a tree till a damn porcupine EAT IT +no kidding thay eat almost all the sides braces stports I had to start over now I kill all I see I had about $200 in it

  7. Only issue, and Ive built this type blinds before, wasp, bees and other nasty little stinging pest that LOVE getting into a wood blind. GOT to make them wasp proof. meaning SEAL every crack and insure the windows don't allow the creepy pest to just waltz in and make a home say under your chair!! Snakes, not an issue with me, wasp I fuggn HATE! One thing will ruin a good hunt, climb in the blind at dark and soon as it gets light notice WASP crawling up your legs! Happened to me more then once. But I love these light mobile blinds, good job guys. Just SEAL them up!!

  8. Loved your video and the comments will be useful. Me and my hunting buddy’s use interior Wall paneling about 1/8 inch thick for exterior walls on our box stands much lighter

  9. I have been thinking about this for some time. It looks simple and easy to build. A lot cheaper than buying some of the plastic ones that are out there. I would need a 6’X6’ one being I use a crossbow and I think I would need to paint the inside black being most cross bow shots are 20-30 yards away. Thank you for making the video and sharing. I think you guys did a great job! I don’t get the dislikes and I would encourage you to not let them discourage you!

  10. Since i am deathly afraid of snakes, i would close in the bottom. something water proof. and inside needs to be black or dark. net over windows, im a bow hunter.

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