How to Build a Deer Blind with Cedar Hinged Windows

Productive Cedar Products, LLC offers a wide range of easy to assemble deer blinds include the one shown in this video. The cedar hinged window deer blind is their most popular model and as you can seem takes almost no time to build. Check out to find out how you can order yours today!

Transcription —

“Cedar hinged window deer blind. This is our most popular deer blind. Our deer blind comes with 6 complete panel sections including pre-hung windows, a door, and it’s easy to assemble. Cut plastic bands and unload each section off freight truck. Start by putting the floor on level ground. On the door is the nail kit with all the nails and hardware you will need to put the deer blind together. The only tools you will need is a hammer, a philips head screw driver, knife and needle nose pliers. Stand up the door wall and then stand up the side wall. Nail them together with the two inch nails. Stand up the other side wall and nail. Put up the front wall and nail each side wall. Put the roof on and nail the roof on each side and on the front. Open the door with your hammer. Nail the deer blind to the floor with 3 inch nails. Open the windows. They have a small nail in each corner from shipping. Use a screwdriver and attach the window clips above each window. Use a knife to shave a little wood off each window so the window clips touch the window. Attach hook and eye on the inside and outside of the deer blind. The windows are quite and hinge down out of the way. The window opening is just the right size for a gun with a scope. A chair adjusts up and down works for people of all different heights. Sitting down you can shoot a bow and even a crossbow out of this deer blind. We line our deer blind with black tar felt so the deer don’t see you move inside. The roof has a ninety pound stone roofing on it so it holds up to nature’s harsh elements. The deer blind, because it is in sections, can be hauled by a full size, mid-size, and even compact truck.”

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