How to Build a Deer Box Blind

How to make a Deer Box Blind – this video shows the progress of my whitetail deer box blind build that Johanne and I built near our camp. Box blinds or deer blinds are great setups in a food plot to help you stay warm and comfortable during the fall hunt. For us, this is a wildlife observatory as we plan to use it all year long to sit and watch animals feed off our food plot.

Adventures Outdoors highlights the hunting, fishing, camping, outdoor cooking, hiking, and ATV adventures of Frank Zinck. Frank works in Information Technology and is an avid martial artist and is the owner of Budocentral Martials Arts where he and his wife Johanne teach Kyushu-Ryu Ju-Jitsu, Karate-do Shotokai and WASP (a women’s self defence class) You can find more info on their club at Frank lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and was born in Newfoundland and has a passion for anything outdoors.

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  1. Standard Deck screws are not engineered to take lateral movement they are meant more for vertical strength applications such as securing planks for decking. Using galv., nails are better for securing joists they have a higher sheering strength, and there are special galv., nails to hold those joist brackets you used again better sheering strength. But all I would do now that you are finished is go back and place a few nails in the cross bracing to ensure they are secure for the long haul. And galv. everything is better when using treated lumber. Just saying for future ref.

  2. Nice Job. I have been thinking of doing the same on my wood lot. I was fortunate enough to take an 8 point buck and my son got his first deer this season, but it was more than a few cold days sitting in the tree stand. With the price of lumber these days it almost makes it building one unaffordable. Hopefully the prices next summer will come down and the deer blind will go up!!!

  3. Well Frank, that sure is a great video you put together. Your wildlife observatory is great and should give Johanne and yourself plenty of great wildlife photo shots and a video with a roundup of them would be nice next year, just a hint. lol. Well 2021 hunting season was a bust, health was not the best and I was forced to stay out of the woods., but look forward to some hardwater fishing. Good Lord willing, we'll see you out there.

  4. Great job! You are a man of many talents. One question…I think I saw another structure kind of close through the trees; are there any issues with hunting that close to another building?

  5. I’m a fan Frank. I’ll be watching. I’ve never been hunting but it’s something in my future. I’ve been target shooting hand guns and long guns for over 15 years. This is a nice looking deer blind. Very nice.

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