How to build a deluxe deer blind from a shipping crate

For the hours we spend hunting, there’s nothing like building yourself the perfect blind. I walk through the features of my deer blind which I built from a wood shipping crate. I’ll tell you how to build a deluxe deer blind from a shipping crate.

Deer View Windows –

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00:00 Welcome to my deer blind build
01:22 Building the deluxe deer blind from a shipping crate
01:51 Touring the crate deer blind
02:49 DeerView Windows
05:00 Custom rifle rests
05:31 Deer stand ideas

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  1. Love the rear view mirror idea. Here in Alabama I use alot of blinds alot like this but never thought of a rear view mirror. Love this video and honestly surprised there are not many views on it. You have a subscriber in me for sure.

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