How to build a DIY Duck Blind on your Jon Boat

Here is the complete gear list for making a DIY duck blind. You can turn your aluminum Jon Boat into a portable duck blind for less than $100 and just a few hours. This was very simple and it is extremely effective for ducks.

You can go nuts with camo covering for your duck blind. We went cheap and only did the camo cloth. It works, but I think these grass panels would be way better than the camo cloth.

1/2″ Conduit – side supports made from this. We used about 50′
3/4″ Conduit – bases made from this. We used about 8′
3/4″ PVC – slightly shorter than the long side supports
1/2″ Conduit elbows (90 degrees) – qty 4 –
“C” clamps – qty 4 –
Cotter Pins – qty 2 –
1/4 -20 x 1 3/4 bolts, washers, nuts – qty 8
Fiber fix – use this, or something similar, to strengthenthe conduit elbows.
Camo Cloth – there are a lot of options, this is what I used –
Grass Panels are waaaaaay better! –
Rubber Wire – to keep the camo wound up on the PVC –
Gear Ties – these are MUCH better than the rubber wire, but more expensive –
Cam Buckle – Use this or extra support if necessary. – #saddlehunter #saddlehunting #TethrdNation #getoutdoors

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. That's how to do a DIY video – no bullshit talk to make the video longer, short and precise, perfekt mixture of actually building and graphics, video under 4 minutes, easy and cheap to build and very practical to use.

  2. When you attached the 1/2 to the 3/4 conduit, did you attach one side of the 1/2 on the outside and the other on the inside so it folds flat? Also does the grass mats fold up easy like the burlap? Thanks

  3. Hi, just a couple quick questions (building my first blind this year):
    Would this be difficult to construct on a "V" hull?
    Could you give a ballpark estimate on total cost?

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