How To Build A Duck Blind Fast, Cheap, and Effective

How To Build A Duck Blind On A Budget.

This duck hunting video showcases how to build a duck blind on a $15 budget that is incredibly effective for open water duck hunting. When you are in Arkansas duck hunting levee systems or the Mississippi Delta duck hunting context, you’re going to need cover.

Duck blinds for sale? Not really needed if you can learn how to build a duck blind yourself with very little investment.

In this duck hunting video, you’re going see a fast way to build a duck blind.

Jason Cruise, producer of Mossberg’s Rugged American Hunter, highlights how to build a duck blind that is creative and effective and most of all – simple.

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  1. I have built this same blind 1000s of times using the surrounding sticks or my Personal favourite thick Bamboo poles . It's better to do this with bamboo Poles or strong sticks especially if your hunting public land. If your in a highly hunted area Make sure to take it down that way other hunters don't steal you hunting spot . If pressure is low you can just leave it up it's all natural material not going to hurt anything . Buy some braided hemp rope to tie your corners or Zip ties if you plan on taking the blind down.

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