How To Build A Duck Boat Blind (CHEAP!)

We finally got Brian’s boat blinded up! We decided to build a scissor style frame that can collapse when it is not in use. We can even take it completely off for the off season so it won’t get in the way. Building this blind was fairly cheap and if you really want you can even do it for cheaper. The parts and hardware ran about $60-$70 which will be pretty standard. After that all you need is material to blind the boat. We went with a more expensive route as the Tangle Free grass ran about $70. You can find alternative materials for a lot cheaper such as burlap if you shop around.
If you have any questions be sure to ask, we will get back to you asap!

Parts Needed:
8 #14 1” x 1/4” Sheet Metal Screw (Hex head slotted)
8 1/4” Washers
2 1/4” x 2” Wire Lock Pins
4 2” x 1/4” Bolts
4 1/4” Nylon Lock Nuts
8 1/2” Set Screw Couplings
4 90 Degree Angled Conduit or EMT (If you don’t have a Conduit or EMT Bender tool)
1 1-1/4” x 36” Square Tube
6 10’ x 1/2” Conduit or EMT
Tanglefree Blind Grass

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  1. Ok you're on the right track but…
    1. Start with a layer of something waterproof and windproof. Gore-tex in camo for example. Black works well too.
    2. Next put a layer of mesh on. Black nylon…look at some all weather blinds.
    3. The grass mats get zip tied to the mesh in #2.
    You're going to eventually think of buddy heater (s) and maybe a cover for when it rains and you gotta just sit there or go home.

  2. Yall put the grass mats on upside down. flipping those over would make it to where the grass does not stick out the sides. I have a blind very similar to that and they are amazing. Only difference is mine is a little heavier duty. One inch square tubing and it is removable. It is virtually the same but it has a rectangular base that the arms are connected to rather than the boat itself.

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