How to Build a Duck Hunting Pond

In this step-by-step video, we show you how to make a duck hunting pond by building a dike with a transit level and dozer. Visit our website to learn more about our family run business.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Is this possible to accomplish on 50 acres? I'm backed up to over 2000 acres of timber company and I would like to do something similar on the back on the property.

  2. Dave and Scott, two adjoining property owners who each are working to restore wetlands for waterfowl and wildlife. These two properties over 500 acres and adjoining land to the south is another wetlands property of 600 acres. Almost 1200 total acres between these three properties. Dave and Scott, thank you both for what you are doing that benefits wildlife. Thank you also for sharing your knowledge.

  3. That was a great short video showing the development of your neighbor's pond. Also good to see that you refer to the soil survey to understand the soil types.

    I have access to a soils lab, so I just collect samples from the surface and 2 and 4 feet down and run a sieve analysis to know the distribution of particle sizes. But those old soil surveys are really good.

    I'll be calling Chris tomorrow to place my order for wild millet. Just 550 pounds. Looking forward to my ponds have millet all over.

  4. Thanks for that great video! It is impressive how you can plan and create such great waterfowl habitat from rye grass fields! I hope the April storms didn't do too much damage. I will look forward to see Scott's pond evolve and mature.Excellent job of videoing and editing Melissa!

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