How to build a floating duck blind

Season is just a few months away now and we have some work to do on the blinds. Also, did you know concrete floats!?!?!?!

Below are some of the products used in past videos. When you click these links a small portion of the purchases you make on amazon go to support the channel.

Camo Spray Paint Kit:
Fishnet Stockings:
Painter’s Tape:

***Links from other Videos***

Redleg Camo Stencil Kit:
Decoy Flocking:
Mallard Green Decoy Paint:
Foam Insulation:
Paint Brushes:
Silicone Sealant:
GoPro Hero 9:
GoPro Hero 8:

***My Clothing***
Sitka Duck Oven Jacket:
Sitka Neck Gator:
Sitka Core Midweight Zip-T:
Sitka Hudson Jacket:
Sitka Beanie:
Sitka Pantanal GTX Cap:
Gator Waders:

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