How to build a ground blind (on the cheap).

Yeah, another “re-purposed pallets” video! 🙂 Some proper down-home redneckery. 😉

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Now I know why Mike Holmes from the show Holmes on Homes has made millions in Canada. If y’all build houses like you do deer blinds, you really do need a guy like Mike to Make it Right. Lmfao

  2. I made something similar for one person 4×4 ISH.. The following year I kept hearing noises under it. I lifted/tilted one HOT Texas afternoon and found a nesting site for about 20/30 copperhead snakes that were not happy when I moved 'THEIR' shelter. No more stands on the ground for me. Need at leats a foot of elevation to keep the critters out!!

  3. Kinda's refreshing to see a deer blind get built rather simply, rather than framed like you construct a three car garage… !

    A little more care and a few more dollars [ U.S. or Canadian ] and you could cover with 0SB rather than tarps though.

    Tarps break down rapidly and require continual replacement. $5.oo x 3 = $15 , the cost of a 4'×8'.

    I prefer mine a little more airtight with a complete plywood floor.

    A single sheet of plywood would be more noisy, drafty and you'd constantly be losing items through the space; seems like that would be a P.I.T.A. .

    I like the ability to heat my blinds, but I don't require fancy windows or doors.

  4. Hi Dave I like your videos. I have a 1970 international 624 diesel tractor. I have to do the brakes and the PTO clutch doesn't let the lever engage. It engages with the engine off then when I start the engine the PTO runs all the time, Please I need some help.
    Thanks Ron

  5. All the tarps I have used break down in sunlight. Started using silt fence, doesn't degrade, last forever and I can get used silt fence from job sites that are finished. Need to hot cut the lengths or it will unravel. You can also just wrap around a 1×1 and nail it on so it doesn't unravel. Really like the pallet idea

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