How to Build a Hexagon Deer Blind – The Ultimate One Person Deer Stand with a View at all Angles

After building the 4×8 deer blind we decided we should go ahead and building another hunting stand for our hunting property.
We opted to go with a Hexagon deer blind as we only needed one person in it and there would we a good view from any angle.
This was not a simple box build and we have to cut compound miter cuts and angles on the table saw for our walls.
The hexagon is a 30 degree cut on the miter saw with 6 pieces and the roof was a little bit more challenging to design as we didn’t want a standard pitch roof.
We used the poor mans fiberglass method to cover the roof and it looks like it will last for year and the panel covers were acrylic from some old signs we had laying around and new and old wood for everything else.
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0:00 Intro
0:57 Floor Build
4:35 Day 2 intro
5:05 Wall Build
7:44 Mock fit of Walls
8:45 Building of Roof
12:08 bolting together walls
12:35 Finishing Roof
16:08 Day 3 intro

16:28 Skinning the Roof
17:45 Skinning the Walls
18:30 Poor man fiberglass the roof
19:36 Painting the base, walls, and roof along with laying carpet

20:10 Insulating
20:50 setup in woods

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  1. Hey awesome build!! What brand/company windows and doors did you go with? We are currently building a 6×8 deer blind but are stumped on what windows and doors to go with


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