How to Build a Portable DUCK BLIND FOR LESS THAN $20! Assemble in 15 MINUTES!!

Duck hunt coming up tomorrow and no place to sit? Winds changed and your permanent blind no longer works? We’ve got you. We slapped together an easy, DIY duck blind in LESS THAN 15 MINUTES for a total of LESS THAN $20 in materials – and IT WORKED!! It’s light weight, portable, cheap, easy, and effective! This is a great temporary option if you find yourself without a fully set up, brushed in blind.

Also works for hunters that are different heights! We built this to accommodate an adult and an 8 year old hunter, who both need a full field of view to hunt effectively.

Parts & Materials:
Approximately ~276″ (23′) PVC tubing (I used 3/4″ diameter, but others will work)
5 90 degree (right angle) 3/4″ PVC connectors
1 “Tee socket” 3/4″ PVC connector (this is shaped like a T)
1 3-way 3/4″ PVC connector (this is a right angle with a 3rd connection coming out the bottom)
Spray paint (I prefer a flat, muted color like black or hunter green)
Camo netting or screening

Rubber Mallet (you can get by without this)
PVC cutter or hacksaw

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Mio amico cacciatore, hai presentato bellissime cornici, mi sto iscrivendo alla tua pagina per la continuazione dei video con grande piacere di visione viewing Se puoi iscriverti alla mia pagina, commentare e guardare i miei video, sarei molto contento👍😊

  2. I like it. Was just dreaming something like this up the other day. Thanks for saving me the steps to try to sketch it out. Would like to have 2-3 of these around the property and love the portability. Good stuff!

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