How to Build a Wood Duck Box

Most ducks nest on the ground but Wood Ducks actually nest in trees. In this video, ISU Extension and Outreach wildlife specialist, Dr. Adam Janke, demonstrates how to build a box that mimics the natural cavities Wood Ducks look for to nest and raise their young.


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00:00 Intro
00:35 Cutting the pieces
01:52 Assembly
02:30 Side access door
03:12 Prep for mounting
03:42 Logistics and placement
04:00 Mounting
04:32 Final checks

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  1. I like your plan, especially the door. With your background as a Wildlife Specialist, what is your take on predation of WD boxes that have no predator guards installed? I'm getting ready to put out 4 boxes and going to a lot of trouble to prepare the poles and pred. guards because I am reading that the boxes are death traps for the hens without them.

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