How To Build Box Blind Deer Stand Shooting House

Tips on building a box blind, shooting house, for hunting. Allen Outdoors second video of many how to’s coming this fall. Order your plans now

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  1. Is there a way to get a material list & instructions/cut measurements? Have a very good idea but trying to avoid wood waste. I’m ok paying for em. Thank you.

  2. Hey how much did that particular blind cost you to build all together? I like that style and would like to build a couple like it. It seems like it would be comfortable! Really nice sir!

  3. $120 worth of elevators(4), $150 worth of 2 x 4''s (30), $8 worth of 4 x 8 OSB, $48 worth of 4 x 4's treated (4), $45 for 3 x 6 corrugated metal for roof (2 panels) -much better than anything else; and $75 of 6" fence pickets (60), $35 for 3 boxes of 3 1/2" deck screws; $10 for lag bolts (4), and $25 of miscellaneous items such as hinges (8 window; 2 door), etc. should just about get this project built. I build a bunch of these things and this is a great video showing a general process of construction. Total cost of materials per above is about $516, tax extra. I build mine largely with salvaged materials obtained for free. I'll be posting a video in the next few days on my channel of a build currently in process if any of your viewers might want to see a salvaged material project go up step by step. PS. Getting salvaged materials is not hard to do. I even use old fence pickets from fencing being torn down. Just toss any really bad boards and use the rest. They are already weathered and give an instant finished look to the project. PPS> In cold climates, throw in a couple tubes of caulking and seal everything. You will be glad you did when those winter winds howl. Also a tight box helps keep out wasps who build nests inside during the summer to greet you when you return each fall.

  4. I found using 2 x 2 and 1/4 in plywood is loads lighter. Also, you can go to any "bed liner" store and they will give you the old drop in bedliners. Cut one of those for a top. Being black they are almost line a solar heater in the right setting. I always think weight and ease of assembly

  5. I use half inch treated plywood as my sides and then use outdoor paint to further its life and appearance. I also slant my roof to help make sure when the roof bows water doesnt pool. Also I paint the inside black. Another advantage to plywood is there is no light behind you peaking through, when you move the light behind you moves alerting the deer something ain't right.

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