How To Build Your Own Box Blind Tower!

If you’re a fan of box blinds and have a thumb for DIY projects then this is the video for you! Follow along with Brandon Jennings as he takes you through his process for building a basic box blind tower!

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Hey everybody! Staying sane in self-isolation? Check out this quick how to video on tower construction for box blinds, and envision all the DIY projects you'll be able to do in a few months!

  2. I would like one of these bearproof cuz, currently there are 5 bears in my village. 3 cubs, and 2 big fu*king bears. They're are at least a kilometer away but last week they killed 3-5 pigs, tbe village near me lost 1-5 goats and 1-5 sheep. These bears are fu*king annoying. And I am awake as a 14 yo with 6 PXP309 C4 Firecrackers and a bigas* farming iron fork thingy, waiting as Doomslayer for the bears, because I need to protect my dog, my 2 goats, and 20 chicken(including cock or rooster, whatever). I am creeped out. And now that I've told you my life story, please tell me how to make it bear proof.

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