How to Cut Blinds to Fit Width

Just a quick video showing how I used a saw to trim a few inches off of these faux wood blinds in order to make then less wide and shorter.

Link to this saw (any chop saw with a decent blade should work)

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. For anyone watching, just cut my faux wood (plastic slatted) Venetian style blinds with aluminium header with DeWalt chop saw. I was hesitant at first then watched this video. Went real slow on the cut and it came out smooth. Tiny bit of darkening of the plastic were I went too slow and it heated up. All said and done happy with the result. P.s. taping the blinds did help, if you're not certain I would spend the extra one minute to tape either side of where you're cutting

  2. I wasn't looking forward to fitting my blinds, then I watched this.
    Half an hour later I have 3 windows with new blinds. I didn't use a chopsaw, just a hacksaw and it worked wonderfully.

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