how to easily build a 2 man white tail deer tower blind in high definition!

this is a quick video that shows how we build our tower blinds. we’ve built 8-9 of them so far and every time we build a new one, we improve on the design. they are great for late November / December hunts when the wind is howling and the deer are moving at all hours of the day. Nothing beats being able to hunt in your socks with a cup of hot coffee while the deer are rutting and the snow is blowing sideways. the tower base is 4×6 feet and the peak is 18 feet high. there is approximately $300 worth of material and maybe 25 hours to build and erect from beginning to end. check back for some deer video that will be shot this fall from this stand.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. No, No, No …
    … you can't do it .ike that !

    You must have 2 x 6 walls framed on 16 inch centers ,sheetfed in 3/4 " pressure treated plywood ; those are the rules

  2. Nice job. Hopefully anchored to the ground. I built a 6×8 like this and even put about 2’ in the ground. Still blew over due to not anchoring it. Live and learn I guess 🤭

  3. On your next stand you might want to place the plate-form on top of the 4×4's instead of bolting them to them. All the weight of the people and stand will be on the bolts instead of being on the 4×4's. Hope you have a successful season. 870Wing

  4. Awesome box.  Question.  How was it anchored and leveled? did you dig holes and put in the posts into the ground? Are the posts on blocks?  I built a similar box.  Just need advise on anchoring and leveling.  Thanks!

  5. It would also be good probably to have some throw rugs little ones to lay over the window frame after the windows are open so you can use that to rest your rifle on and get a steady shot. Don't want to rest the gun against the aluminum frames.

  6. Great video! I am currently building a blind very similar to this. To the ones that used anchors, how did you do it? Im not sure what exactly "support gussets" are.

  7. If you insist on using the Mr. Buddy heater, you need to know that some models were recalled for leaking and causing fire hazards. You can check recalls with just about any Google search with the word recall and the name of your product. Or you can go to

  8. Thanks for sharing this video. It looks like you built a great blind. I am glad you installed some ground connection to help keep it from blowing over in a high wind. I just have to caution you about the potentially fatal heater you said you used. Every winter I read about people who die from carbon monoxide poisoning from using these types of heaters. You really need to get a high quality Carbon Monoxide detector when you run that heater. I know the heater claims to be safe by having a Low Oxygen Sensor shut off mechanism. But why trust your life to that kind of well documented failure prone mechanism that is the heart of wrongful death lawsuits. The Low Oxygen Sensor shutoff is a false sense of security. The unit can run in low oxygen environments for a long time. The problem is the poisonous Carbon Monoxide it produces. In America a gullible person have have such an un-vented fake gas fireplace in their own home. However, in America you cannot install such an un-vented gas burning appliance in a public place. In Canada such un-vented gas appliances are banned outright. Americans die all the time from carbon monoxide poisoning. Are the Canadians smarter than Americans? Have a great hunting experience. Be safe and get home to your family with your prey.

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