How To Install Vertical Blinds | Sliding Glass Door

SPAX Screws Used:
Dewalt Bit Holder:
I will walk you through the complete process for measuring, selecting, and installing vertical blinds for a sliding glass door. Additionally, I will review both inside and outside mounting options but will only demonstrate the install of an outside mount configuration. This is a very approachable project but it will be nice to have an extra set of hands while mounting the top rail as it can be a little hard to work with by yourself.

Tools Every Weekend Warrior Needs
Makita Corless Drill Combo Kit:
Dewalt Drill Bit Set:
Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set:
Craftsman Screwdriver Set:
Eklind Allen Wrench Set:
Pliers (4-Piece Set):
Stanley Utility Knife:
Stanley Tape Measure:
Studbuddy Stud Finder:
Johnson Torpedo Level:
Stanley Hammer:
Buck Bros Wood Chisel Set:
Klein Voltage Tester: 
Wire Strippers: 
Little Giant Ladder:

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  1. Great guidance. I am planning to install a 104" L blinds on sliding doors but realize I have an issue. I can't do in or outside mount since sliding door is 96" from floor to ceiling. I do not have that stud room for the installation of the brackets. I assume I have to do ceiling install which is kind of unique. Correct me if I am wrong but I'm thinking I would just need to screw the mounting clip to the ceiling, or should I just use the whole thing? Bracket and clip but the upper part to the ceiling. Thanks for assistance with this.

  2. Where can I find the spax screws, because home depot doesn't have them. Suggestion for substitute or where else to find the screws, because I can't use the screws that come with it, and I can' t finish my project

  3. Thanks for the clear instructions. I have vertical blinds on the sliding door in the home I'm renting. It's an outside mount. I'm wanting to replace them and I'm wondering if I can use the existing hardware that the old ones are mounted with on the new ones. Are mounts universal or does each brand use different mounts?

  4. I’m re-installing vertical blinds with a new mount….my old vertical blinds are 82 3/8 “ in length….what height should I install the brackets and how much space will I have between the floor and blinds? Thank you!

  5. How far above the molding do you go? I am doing the same job and I am trying to figure out what I need to measure. The high of my sliding doors is about 80 inches and about 82 if I include the molding.

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