How To Insulate A Deer Blind

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  1. I like the practical part! I don’t have money to throw around. I would really like to get some kind of windows put into my blind. The blind blocks the view of the deer but I freeze the same as if I was outside

  2. Thanks sooooo much I'm doing my 6×8 blind the same way you did,, my buddy did his with pink insulation Batts and the mice just loved it in the cold months, ur way is better my friend plus I wasn't sure how to
    O keep it in the walls ur screw from outside method rocks my friend

  3. We had porqupine wreck our blinds, we used junk above ground pool metal to wrap the blind , finally stopped those buggers , even did under floor on raised blind.

  4. Hello great video. Keep them coming love watching your videos. I got a cast on my left foot and doctor want let me do anything yet. So I get to stay home and watch youtube videos.

  5. why not just use some liquid nails to attach the insulation from the inside that way you have no holes which are a pathway for water to enter and start rotting the wood behind the insulation where you would not see it  until it was to late??

  6. Enjoyed your vlog ( if that is the correct terminology). One suggestion, you could get double use from the bracing to attach the insulation board and using it for shelves and bins.

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