How To Make Any Hunting Blind Mobile With This Sled Build

Today we’re going to be showing how to make a skid to make any hunting blind mobile! This simple project makes moving stands and adjusting them a breeze. Below you’ll find everything needed for this project.

Mobility with a blind is key tactic when food sources shift and plans need to evolve. A blind can help contain your scent and movement. When filming hunts, the extra cover is perfect when we have to self film or need to shift around.

– (2) 4×6 8 foot long
– (6) 2×4 8 foot long
– 1 full size sheet of plywood
– utility sheet
– Trust Hangers
– D Rings
– Construction Grade Lag Screws
– Cabinet Screws #9

Tools Needed:
– Circular Saw
– Drill
– T Square
– Chalk Line
– Safety Glasses
– Tape Measure
– T15 bit
– T25 Bit
– Pencil

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  1. I did uses your design to build my smoke house and a deer blinds I built them 6-6-6 I just finished a blind that has a bunk in it it's 27 inches wide 17 inches high I have three windows and the door has a window big enough to shoot out of if needed I do pretty good seeling both except for the skids the rest is cedar

  2. I like your video I am going to make my seld a little longer and 7ft wide it's going to be a smoke house that I can use and rent it out get on and off of my trailer

  3. Big shoutout to everyone who took the time to watch! I think this is a great way to get close to a buck during late season when the temps are sub 25 and you need to get on a food source with the ideal wind. We typically just go out hunting at noon, and drag the blind where we need it, so that when deer start showing up an hour or so before sunset you are set and ready to rock!

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