How to put up a roller blind

Watch our step-by-step video showing how to put up a roller blind, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence.

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  1. My top tip is how ever much you cut of the tube cut the same amount of the fabric you always end up with the factory clearance but I do wish the manufacturer would make the weight road more heavier

  2. I have just subscribed!
    Your channel is just what l needed👍👏
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Stay strong, stay home, stay healthy! 💪🏘😷
    From England.

  3. Thanks easier than i thought. Living in a caravan on my own, can i do this same thing to a night shade colour cream the windows here are odd and will have to try a larger measurement blind thanks for any suggestions as they are not cheap here unless i go on special or second hand 90 centimeters needs to go down to 66 centimeters can this happen like you did

  4. You showed all the easy stuff. What about the measurements? As you cut your blind before hanging the brackets, what was the distance difference between your blind width and the space between your brackets? My b&Q instructions say there's to be a difference of 2.4cm between blind width and the space between 'marks' on the backets. What marks? Is the blind to be 2.4cm larger or smaller?

  5. This is somewhat useful but my issue is the cord came out and I can’t seem to place it back in for it to start rolling I did it one time and for some reason I keep trying and it’s not working.

  6. OK video – but more detail could of been shown how to measure the recess including the fixings, and the brackets – it's not just a case of measuring the size of window, and cutting the blind down – as the brackets/end fittings would then make it too long.. Also worth mentioning to measure the depth of your handles! – it you fitted a blind that way to a modern plastic double glazed window the blind would hit the handles!

  7. How do I fit a roller blind to a upvc kitchen window, it is not fitted into a wooden surround and the inner part of the window is only plaster board ( dry lining. )

  8. Pretty good video, but for me  not enough information is given, e.g. how much of a gap needs to be left on either end to ensure brackets fit a recess?? This is the same with the actual blind from B&Q. More "written" info is given on warnings and safety, than how to actually hang the blind! If you want to attract the DIYers, than you should give much more written advice on the 'how to's' and not just provide illustarations, which to even a pretty experienced guy like me are confusing!

  9. Fun Fact: Roller blinds are also known as Holland blinds. We love the way these blinds provide just the right amount of ventilation, light and class to go with the rest of the décor in the house. Curtains simply didn’t make the cut and the quality of Roller blinds available today is plain fabulous! 

  10. great stuff . After decorating living room (which I admit took a fair few years to start lol) i still have no blinds up as left that one little job for to the person blaming me for the time scale on decorating (girlfriend) . Well now who is a lazy pants HA HA .. I just been given some brand new sunburnt orange blinds and this is what i would of personnaly bought as gone for autumn themed colors with rustic browns and wood  . Sods law I lent my hack saw to a mate that never returned it . So now one tool short . I will go inside I think as to try and cut out any drafts from my windows . Will a tighter fit help exclude drafts . Also my radiators are right under my windows (never understood that one) and if I keep blinds tooked away I wont loose heat up the backs like i might if i hang off the wall itself 

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