Hunting Blinds: Tower Blind Gone Wild – Part 2

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Hunting Blinds Gone Wild (Part 2) details the install of our new tower blind for deer hunting. This tower blind plan is one of our best hunting blind ideas since it allows us to hunt with both a bow and/or a gun. It has a “V” in the sides for bow clearance and has “gun rails” on the sides of the “V” for steady gun shots. It also sports a pitched roof giving our bows room for clearance over a traditional tower blind. The 3D camo around the windows provides incredible cover for the movements of a bow hunter. We are really excited about this new hunting blind setup!

Since this deer tower stand is made out of lightweight metal piping it is really easy to install. The replaceable camo wrap and roof make maintenance a breeze over the years and we don’t have to worry about wood rotting.

We hope our hunting blind idea will help you in the development and building of your next deer tower stand plans. Please let us know if we can help in any way or if you have any questions about our new deer tower stand!

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In case you missed it, here is a link to the Part 1 where we build our new tower blind plans:

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  1. I am new to your channel and immediately subscribed b/c of the invaluable content. Your content is a very informative for diy outdoor enthusitist. I am very interested in the specifics of how you built your tower blind base. It looks like 3/4" or 1" EMT tubing? Would love to see how you erected it. You may have already featured this build on your channel and I may have missed it. Thanks again for sharing all the information on your channel. Good luck this hunting season/Continued Successes BE YOURS! KJ

  2. If someone were to loose their balance and fall forward or backward (God forbid), would the frame be strong enough to catch or be held on too? I'm thinking seriously about making a cab like yours for my 6ft raised platform. Thanks for sharing.

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