Hush | Critical Role: THE MIGHTY NEIN | Episode 7

The group plunges deeper into the gnoll mines, coming across an unexpected ally (guest Khary Payton), and wandering into a nest of dangers…

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Do u think he would've let one of them keep the baby if they spared it? My DM let my teammate keep one and let him bond with it over a couple tries…Maybe that's why he seemed extra upset, maybe it was supposed to be a gift?? 😭

  2. So re-watching Campaign 2 following a break in c1. Lol. I love how Vox Machina can't keep their horses alive as the stereotypical archetypes of their classes, but the Mighty Nien chaos incarnate keeps them alive multiple times

  3. 'You know what…I'm gonna give it advantage on it's saving throw…'

    A good DM doesn't try to rob their players of cool moments like that just on whim. This was another bullshit call.

  4. So let me get all this straight, they kill a big mofo’s baby, then make it paralyzed with laughter, then kill it’s leading holy person, and people call this stuff boring… 😂

  5. 1:15 Sam keeps Scanlan alive
    8:50 Game Start
    10:40 Laura is ready for the shaft
    13:35 Visual aid 1
    25:50 Khary Payton with an auspicious start
    28:50 Classic VM move: traumatize children
    33:38 for the first time Shakaste speaks/I would bang that character
    44:40 Jester isn’t exactly maternal
    45:55 Caleb has realistic expectations
    49:50 King Ezekiel is so cool
    52:40 The White Shock
    1:13:35 …Okay
    1:18:20 Nott interested in a relationship
    1:21:30 Nott is very confused
    1:28:20 Visual aid 2
    1:33:10 Aqualad has some sound tactical advice
    1:35:00 He never was good at the cold reads
    1:49:30 Vox Machina: An Exandrian Musical is a real thing
    1:51:40 Wow, Cyborg really did his homework
    1:57:50 Laura remembers the Reddit hate
    2:17:30 HDYWTDT
    2:25:45 Break Starts
    2:33:25 Art Montage
    2:38:00 Break Ends
    2:52:25 Visual aid 3
    3:23:30 Spiritual…weapon?
    3:29:10 No kid is safe
    3:44:40 The worst joke yet
    3:51:20 HDYWTDT
    3:53:20 Florida damage
    3:56:10 HDYWTDT
    4:08:35 Now taking suggestions
    4:13:45 Hazardous material
    4:25:20 BEST FAN ART EVER

  6. ugh… i respect matt as one of if not thee best dm ever, and i know he uses homebrew rules and thats fine, but come on with these attacks of opportunity. only if the creature moves WILLINGLY and PURPOSELY out of the hitbox does it provoke an AOO, snatching someone and moving them away does not trigger an AOO against the person being dragged.

  7. Spoiler for this episode down

    Khary entrance and him leaving was amazing.
    After an explosion, a blind old man appear out of the collapsing tunnel and immediately throwing an enemy against a wall with the roar of a thunder, then just watching the group go into the village as he disappear into the forest. He is a true legend on this world, hands down.

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