I build my own A Frame blind…

In this video I construct my own A Frame blind and begin the process of thinking of how to make it even better!

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Nice Idea. Maybe build it in 2 halves. if you are concerned with portability. Build it the length of the bed of the truck. Connect both 1/2s with 3-4 " PVC connectors to T connectors and both 1/2s can stand on their own and it is more stabile. Then in the field, you can connect both 1/2s on 2-3 levels with 3-4 " PVC on both ends in the field. Dissembled, you can transport it almost flat in your truck and put your decoys on top. Just a thought and I might try the same thing. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Awesome video man! I’m in the process of making a modular blind setup similar to this, going to be made out of 4’x5’ panels that I can stack in the garage when I’m not hunting, and snap together depending on how many people I have going. Great ideas thanks man!

  3. I've done pretty much the same thing with cattle panels, heavier but you just bend it in the shape you want and run 2×4's through it to sit on. Then if you want to get super high speed you cut cattle panels in the lengths you want and wire them together so you can fold them up for easy transport and tie strips of burlap around each joint of the metal. Good job and good luck brother

  4. Dont glue it together. Use a permanent marker on the pieces so its easy to put back together. If needed you can drill holes in the fittings and pipes for zip-locks to make sure it stay together in the field.

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