I Desperately NEED To Talk About Love is Blind…

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0:00 —- Intro
4:58 —- What is “Love is Blind?”
8:03 —- Episode 1 and Intros
25:16 —- Episode 2
37:46 —- Episode 3
44:00 —- Episode 4
51:35 —- Episode 5
56:07 —- Episode 6
1:05:07 —- Episode 7
1:11:38 —- Episode 8
1:14:31 —- Episode 9
1:18:12 —– Episode 10
1:25:19 —- Final Thoughts


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  1. Omg girly. There's other couples that get engaged but don't make it into the show. So 5 couples chosen by production end up going to mexico, but in both seasons one couple didn't really make it, so they bring in a 6th couple. That's why there's the same number of couples 🙂

  2. I take so much issue with the heteronormativity in this show. I know sexuality hasn't been discussed by the contestants as far as I recall, but the way the algorithm of the show insists on only men and women forming couples and not holding space for any of the others.

  3. I literally have never seen Love is Blind and will probably never watch it but I've watched this video at least a million times lmao I love just hearing you talk about something you're interested in. I play this video all the time just for background noise. Love youuu bestie!

  4. I agree with a lot of what you're saying about these couples (especially Shane who also freaks me out) but don't love how you use the term "gaslighting" as I really don't think it applies to the situations you're describing. Gaslighting is a systematic effort on an abuser's part to destabilize their victim's sense of reality in order to control behavior. An example would be an abuser telling their partner that their friends don't care about them and then going into their phone and deleting text messages from friends.

    Your example with Shane and Natalie is more about two people disagreeing and trying to convince each other that they're right. I get that the internet uses this term more broadly but I think it does a huge disservice to actual victims of abuse.

  5. I have lots to say about the show, but I think the most important thing they can do is put the couples through therapy every day from the proposal onwards. I think it would 1. Put a positive image on counseling and 2. Lead to less trauma for the contestants

  6. I love this video so much because I was DYING to debrief with someone after watching the season and no one in my life was watching it. I agree with everything and feel so validated now. LOL

  7. Okay I think you’re confusing Shaina and Trisha. Trisha I’m pretty sure was the one talking about how she has sooo many followers and is a realtor. Shaina was the one that connected with Kyle about mutually not going to school and I think is a hairstylist. Both of them are pretty awful though 😂 but Trisha we only got snippets of but didn’t make it onto the show

  8. I just want to put out there that we can hate on these "characters" as much as we want (Shake, Shayne, whoever), but I think the real villain is the show itself. The premise is tempting but in reality seems so messed up. You mention it in the end of this video. Shake tried talking about it at the reunion as well but was quickly shut down, mostly buy the Lachey's. They are trying to sell this as a scientific, beautiful, romantic way to fall in love. It's like you're not allowed to disagree with it. Just because it worked out for Lauren and Cameron doesn't mean it's going to work for anyone else. I wasn't rooting for any couple this season, honestly just wanted them all to not get married. Again, you can blame it on them, but there's always two people in a relationship and sometimes it's just a bad fit.

  9. The Casetify talking point about recycling and being so very durable is very much undercut by everyone sponsored by them having multiples of cases for the same phone. Stop wasting by buying twenty phone cases for each phone, people.

  10. it's so interesting to see this and compare it to the Japan season! i feel like the Japanese season has a lot less "drama" and more interpersonal conflict (although i will say it probably would be a drag to a lot of viewers).

  11. The first season was so much better the second season was way more standard reality tv show where the first season seen much more just about “the experiment”

  12. I really enjoyed this so much! I actually watched season 1 and 2 after I saw you posted this video because I wanted to watch this video! Haha. Please do the reunion recap!

  13. I just like to say I think Bathelor and Bachelorette also revealed couples do talk about deep stuff like you mentioned, but they intentionally do not show it. Partially privacy, doesn't really work for show story writing, but also controversial. Politics being discussed or those not politic but become politic topics just don't work for love shows.
    I just feel like it's one those things you have to acknowledge while watching the show the same as edits portray people particular ways. Realizing there is information we will never see.

  14. Watching the wedding clip back of Shayne, he totally looks like he’s on cocaine. He admitted to using cocaine regularly outside of the show but stopped during filming. Idk man his erratic, out of control jittering and irritability seem to suggest otherwise. Pretty sad man.

  15. After seeing what Shaina's family is like, especially with her brothers asking Kyle if he was into "American" things (which I am so certain is because he is ethnically ambiguous), it really points to Shaina thinking that Natalie and Shayne's relationship is a "fraud" because Natalie is Asian and she probably thinks that theres now way a big white dude like him would be into an Asian women. Its unfortunate but there are so many white (and sometimes blonde) women who think they're above WOC.

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