I DID NOT EXPECT THIS | Red Dead Redemption 2 Blind Playthrough – Part 32 | RDR2 Playthrough

🤠Howdy! Welcome to Part 32 of my Red Dead Redemption 2 First Playthrough! This is a mission heavy episode, with some unexpected twists – I hope you enjoy!! Enjoy my RDR2 Blind Playthrough!

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00:00 – Introduction!
00:19 – Episode Plans, Karen the bully, and Jack!
03:07 – COMPANION MISSION: Pearson.
11:05 – Camp! Micah vs Javier, talking to members.
36:00 – To Saint Denis!
41:30 – Stranger Mission – Professor Dragic – A Bright Bouncing Boy
50:20 – Charles Chatenay’s Art Exhibition!
57:00 – Stranger Mission – Algernon Wasp and Professor
1:03:08 – STORY MISSION – Horsemen, Apocalypses

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  1. I love how you enjoyed the toy boat as much as Arthur lol. Such a gem, this game. 🙌🏼 You never know what to expect from it & that’s what makes it amazing.

    You can actually go visit Marco Dragic at his lab too, but only at night.

  2. Hello! Another great video! As others pointed out, you missed some interactions in the gallery, but that’s nothing to worry about, this game is too large and detailed so there is a lot to be missed!

    A pretty disturbing happening in the game is Kieran’s death, which I remember I had to pause the game for a second and process what tf was going on 😂😢..I really liked him. A not-so-coincidental link between the name Saint Denis and Kieran’s death is present here: IRL Saint Denis was the bishop of Paris in the 3rd century AD who was later decapitated for his faith in christianity. Legend says he picked up his head in his arms afterwards, preaching a sermon while walking for several miles before collapsing. (You can see Saint Denis decapitated on a plaque at the west city entrance). I think this is not a coincidence at all, Rockstar is known for incorporating such things in their games, every little detail is of importance, remember that!
    Also, during a camp encounter, while talking, Dutch is interrupted by a man screaming who sounds a lot like Kieran and had many people believe that is Kieran who was killed right near camp, because in that specific night, Kieran is gone and then the mission Horsemen, Apocalypses happens.

  3. You explore so much usually and in the party you practically went directly to the Mayor… You missed a whole bunch of comical situations in the party, the conversation of the cheater dude was just one of around 10 different funny things
    Dude, I have played this game like 4-5 times and I had never waited to see what happened there with Tesla's doppleganger Dr lol
    You have no idea how much I wished the first time I played that Mrs Adler died in this last mission lol

  4. You were SPOT ON when you said Karen is Pam from 'Archer'. I'm annoyed that l didn't make that connection. 😂. There's plenty of WTF! moments in RDR2, Sean for instance, But l think Kieran takes the cake.

  5. Tom, you missed a couple little things at the gallery, I thought you made a note.

    I don’t know if you’ll be uploading again this week, but either way Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays.


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