I DIDN'T WANT TO SEE THAT! – Red Dead Redemption 2 Blind Playthrough Part 44

I’m both traumatized and happy at the same time???

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  1. you can actually get to see arthur morgan's ghost at the saint denis cemetery at night. if you go there as john marston and get a little drunk you can walk around the cemetery and eventually you will find his ghost.

  2. Here's a fun fact that every RDR2 player who has reached this point should know: Uncle in RDR2 was originally voiced by John O'Creagh, He had voiced a big majority of Uncle's dialogue for this game until he unfortunately passed during production in 2016. Rockstar then hired James McBride to re-record all of Uncle dialogue except for the singing bit, which is the only remaining voice of John O'Creagh in this game.

  3. So the title had me confused at first, I thought like the rest of us you weren't too happy about Rockstars gratuitous shot of Uncles derriere while wearing his red shirt but after catching an "eyefull" of that corpse it all made sense Lori you looked traumatised 😱, fantastic episode love your work

  4. Great watch as always. And yeah that Uncle part was always rough. Rockstar set it up really well especially how we all leaned into antagonizing Uncle for just freeloading 😂 but we still all love him at the end of the day

  5. You can meet some of the old gang members, to say a proper goodbye;

    The Reverend, I think
    And of course Pearson

    Eagle Flys
    And Evelyn Miller (Dutch’s favorite author), it’s a side mission.

    And just to say hi for Arthur.
    Charlotte (that widow up north)
    Mickey (In Valentine)

    As well as the graves of the fallen members.

    And you can finish up the Legendary Fisher quest and visit him for a short trip.
    And the Paleontologist lady, if you haven’t completed that yet.
    As well as finish up any other of the side missions on log.

    If you get to 100% completion, you’ll get a special cutscene and trip to say bye to Arthur at his final resting place.

  6. You might know this already Miranda, but if not interesting fact! You will notice that singing Uncle sounds nothing like Talking Uncle. Thats because the original actor for Uncle passed away before the recording was all done. So they got a new actor for him but as a tribute and to respect all the hard work the original actor did. They kept his songs in because he finished recording all those.

  7. I've noticed when the lady players stream this game they don't care about their hats much, leaving them behind and not wearing them, but every guy streamer I've seen will always pick them back up when they get knocked off or at the very least re-equip them on their horse, not saying one way or the other is good or bad, just something I noticed as a difference between the sexes, haha.

  8. Yeah I love watching you play RDR two also, notice my profile picture is my red dead online character Darth fader. You should know that your front porch is also a horse stable now you can have four, there’s four wild Arabian’s white one too, a wild striped mustang and a brindle thoroughbred. And you’re done with the credits roll ha ha ha, but there’s a lot of other cool stuff to grind out and find out keep it up cow poke🤠

  9. Wait. You had all those elixirs but you never used them until the end of the game when you don't need them? Guhhhhhh

    Nice playthrough though. Always fun seeing people enjoy this game the first time.

  10. It's cool that you haven't officially played the first game, that's going to be a really unique perspective to see come about. I always wondered what that would be like someone experiencing this game first and then the original.

  11. I'm just going to say it….I CAN NOT STAND ABIGAiL!, i played the first red dead and didn't like her in that game, this game has not changed my mind one bit. My god what a unceasing ball buster. S'cuse my language, but I feel better now for saying that.

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