I Will Buy You Anything on Amazon…

I will buy you anything on Amazon
In this video, we are discussing a new project we recently started here on the blind to billionaire YouTube channel where we will buy you virtually anything on Amazon. We want to help out anybody in this community who is struggling because money is tight for a lot of people right now. We are buying Amazon items and sending them directly to your home. until we receive some type of stimulus, stimulus check, fourth stimulus check or monthly stimulus checks from Congress, many people are struggling to make ends meet and have enough money on an ongoing monthly basis, therefore, we are continuously buying Amazon items and having them delivered directly to the door of the recipient. This is a cool project we recently started and will continue. We want to give the latest updates on this project and how many more Amazon packages will be going out to this community As a result of this project
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  1. Rachel Ray indoor dry cat food, arm and hammer clumping cat litter, for therapy cat, arm and hammer oxy laundry detergent,
    Snuggles dryer sheets, alcohol pads for insulin injections, angel soft toilet paper, sparkle paper towels, hefty 13 gallon trash bags, men and woman's mitchum deodorant, men and woman's suave body soap, gold bond diabetic lotion, polmolive oxy dish soap, artic cool device for bedroom, vagisel odor block intimate wash, pinesol, puffs tissues and pyrex colorsafe bleach. Thank you for this opportunity. Any items would be greatly appreciated and a huge blessing as $625 a month is extremely difficult. Epilepsy and other complications prevent even little jobs.

  2. That’s so awsome of you!god bless you both!thank you for everything you do!💕💕it’s hard for everyone and for you to do this! I could also use deodorant and 🪒 and shaving cream gain Laundry detergent Dove body wash Suave or dove shampoo and conditioner and dove just soap!this would be awsome but I’m sure you have so many people!god bless you💕💕

  3. Im am getting sick because I am so hot but if I call an ambulance I will be kicked out of this storage unit then I won't have nothing left please keep me in your prayers 🙏
    I only would want one thing and to have a place to call home instead of living in this storage unit. I am so so upset that I really thought this would already happen but unfortunately I wish I could have a place to call home!!!

  4. Hi Matt heard you were sending supplies out my family needs dawn dish soap axe body wash caress body wash ivory body wash tide pods and tide detergent and towels and washcloths toothbrush and toothpaste and face wash and lotion and hand sanitizer and hand soap and axe body spray

  5. Matt happy belated father's day to you. Im Bruce Bowser I'm very frugal and inexpensive can you help me hygiene underwear tee shirts and socks medium underwear and large T-shirt and plenty of socks will be greatly appreciated

  6. Thanks Matt and family for everything y'all do, but really the only thing we really need is a vehicle and we know you can't help with that, the other thing we in need of is cash. Thanks for everything you try and do for everyone. You are very much appreciated.

  7. I’m a widow husband killed by cops I have two teen daughters we live on my disability income . We haven’t had hygiene in 3 months same with cleaning products . We use they use ausie hair soap
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  8. I could use laundry soap and a a pair of tennis shoes i have one pair of shoes and its flip flops doctor said i need to buy a pair of tennis shoes so it would help with my broken hip and bad knee size women's 10 that would be a god send i cant afford anything since my husband passed of cancer my car need a new water pump 2005 ford 500 its been sitting for months ive had to take the bus everywhere not easy with my walker carrying bags of groceries thank you in advance

  9. How do I get something from you and your wife and how do I know if I will Get anything from Amazon I don't know where to check so can you let me know how and where and when I should look for thank you Matt

  10. … morning guy… hope all's well with you and your wife… sure could use some cleaning supplies… your choice…I have 4 dogs with all hard wood floors throughout the apartment… thanks

  11. I'm on SSI it's hard to make itIm in need all that you talked about is If you can be behelpI would be so greatfulI try to listeners day May God bless you and your family

  12. Tissue scott 1000 rolls, dawn dish washing liquid regular scent, scott paper towels,gain laundry detergent regular scent, gain fabric softener regular scent, dial soap any brand, 39 gallon garbage bag dont matter, and " clorox bleach thank you!!

  13. Hi Matt.
    I could use a shower chair, it's just getting to be too hard to stand that long.
    Sacroiliac belt to lesson the pain in my hips and lower back.
    Reusable ice packs to help with my pain.
    Heating pad to help with the pain for when I'm not using the ice pack. I switch off every couple hours.
    Thanks for your generosity Matt.

  14. My wife is disabled please consider helping me. I would really appreciate a little bit of help. Lady secret deodorant, Azo yeast plus, and some Tylenol tablets I try to get large one but I can't afford it

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