IBC Tote Hunting Blind: Full Build! How to Build a Simple DIY Homemade Blind out of Plastic & Metal.

Check out the full build of an IBC tote hunting blind. For this build I tried a few different design elements to make the build simpler and to hopefully improve the blind. This will be a great little blind for deer hunting.

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  1. Man we have a bunch of these laying around in our yard at work. Never would’ve thought to use them as blinds. Hell in a pinch, I could just use the plastic cubes alone on the ground

  2. Just a tip, I cut these up as part of my job daily. On the square tubing just use bolt cutters, it’s way easier, faster, and less expensive. Plus it somewhat pinched the open tubing closed.

  3. Hi Mountain Buck I have a few questions. I am just wondering if you know anything about if the totes are ok to use for this if the used to hold chemicals in them? How long did it take you to make this? And have you ever thought about making one like this that could hold 2+ people and do you think it would work?

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