Indoor plumbing for hunting blind

In this Video you will see how to put together a simple urinal for your hunting blind.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I really don't understand the purpose for an indoor urinal. LOL how hard is it to take one step out the door and piss directly on the ground? Besides, now you have a urine coated funnel sitting inside your blind.

  2. What’s the purpose of the valve? I’ve been hunting for years. It looks like a good idea for the blind. However, if I’m in a tree stand, and I gotta go, I go. I’ve done just that and turned back around to see a nice buck standing there! He was confused about it and I shot him while my fly was down!

  3. Another idea for those of the "human pee will scare away the deer". Land the hose in an old milk jug that you bring along. Install that when you arrive, take it with you when you leave.

  4. Simple. Nice idea with the funnel (mini urinal). It's the little things that make hunting more pleasurable. I like that these were reused/ repurposed items too. No cost/ low cost is good! Good job man!

  5. i started watching the video and just busted out laughing when you showed your measuring technique. Love it. This is a great idea and would like to suggest an option to your design.
    i'd bury a bucket in the ground and pop a hole in the top, run your hose into the bucket and seal it with plumber's putty. in the bottom of the bucket pop some holes for draining. you can cover the bucket with what ever. Nothing to empty and keeps the scent down.

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