Insane Custom Deer Blind Build with a 32" TV & 10,000 BTU Heater |Build Your Own|

8′ X 6′ Deer Blind Plans:
8′ X 6′ Deer Blind Base Plans:
8′ X 6′ Deer Blind & Base Bundle Plans:
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Solar Power How To:

DeerView Window Co. Website:

American Earth Anchors Website:

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ProCom MG10TBF 10,000 BTU Heater:
1/2″ Wood Screws:
Air Fan:
TV Flush Mount:
32″ TV:
15ft Extension Cord:
1-Gang Recessed Wire Pass Through:
1-Gang Coaxial Wall Plate:
1-Gang Low-Voltage Bracket:
14/2 Electrical Wire:
Coaxial Cable:
2″ 18 Gauge Brad Nails:
3/8″ Staples:
Outdoor/Indoor Carpet Glue:
Matte Black Spray Paint:
Alex Flex White Premium Molding & Trim Sealant:
Loctite PL Premium MAX:
Typar Construction Tape:
Titebond III Wood Glue:

Camera Equipment:
Panasonic GH5 Camera –
Leica 12-60 mm Lense –
Joby Tripod –
Rode VideoMic Pro R –
Devin Graham Glidecam –

Flush Trim Router Bit –
Dewalt Drill –
Dewalt Saw –
Dewalt Table Saw –
Dewalt Table Saw Stand –
Dewalt Sander –
Dewalt Bradnailer –
Dewalt Jigsaw –
Dewalt Air Compressor –
Dewalt Router –
Dewalt Screwdrivers –
Dewalt Clamps –
Tin Cutting Attachment –
Bosch Miter Saw –
Kreg Pocket Hole Jig –
Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig –
Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig –
Kreg Shelf Pin Jig –
Kreg Right Angle Clamp –
Kreg Face Clamp –
Router Base Plate –
Kreg T-Track –
Painters Pyramid –

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  1. Since I keep getting the same questions, the below points should provide some answers.

    1. Cost – I spent around $2,500 on the blind. It will be different for everyone depending on where you live. Also, the wood prices have gone up since I bought all my materials in January. Another benefit I had was I already had a lot of the materials and I had some buddies give me materials as well.

    2. Roof Pitch – The roof drops 2 inches from front to back.

    3. Power – I plan on using a solar panel now and will probably do it next year.

    4. Stairs – I am aware of the stairs being unstable. I added supports under each step. Also, if you can’t tell in the video there is a railing.

    5. Improvements – Since completing the blind I have added shelves and curtains.

    6. Reasoning – I built the blind for 2 reasons. One, to enjoy hunting with my young son in a blind that was comfortable and spacious. My father (my sons’ grandfather) can even fit in there with us. Hunting should be a shared experience. Two, my buddies and I enjoy grabbing a case of beer and drinking in the blind to let loose. We don’t even care about shooting anything sometimes. This blind makes this even more fun to do. I will probably do most of my serious hunting with my bow out of my tree stands. Blind = leisure hunting Tree Stand = serious hunting

    7. TV – I put a tv in the blind for two reasons. One, to watch college football during the evening hunts. The tv does have what’s called a volume button. I can turn it down so the deer won’t hear it. Two, I can connect the camera attachment on my spotting scope to the tv so I can really get a good visual on the deer.

  2. Awwww,,,The Great Outdoors,,,,inside a tiny home ??????????? Lets make hunting so easy Oprah can do it. What skill does it take to ride up on a 4wheeler, get off, walk a 100 yards to a tiny Home,,,,sit there and wait for something to show up ???????? Its called Outdoors,,,,,not Indoors,,,TV ?????? You got to be kidding me,,,,

  3. Nice build! However such a permanent structure is unproductive unless you're using bait to draw the animals to it, and doing that isn't hunting. But then you're talking Texas??

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