INSANE Homemade Dream Duck Hunting Boat! Crazy Offseason prep week!


On this week’s podcast, Elliott and I sit down and discuss all the crazy plans I have for the new INSANE duck boat and much much more! 
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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Here are the clay sports I know of
    Trap- stations in a arc, you shoot 5 from each spot- clays are going away from the house on the ground in the center of the arc
    Skeet- two houses at either side throwing crossing targets some arc lay out with five from each spot
    5 stand- shooter stands in one station and there are 5 houses that can vary-clubs will move the houses periodically
    Sporting clays- like golf 18 different stations each throws two clays. the stations can be "report" or "call' At a call station you say pull twice at a report the first clay is thrown when you call and the second when you take your first shot.

    I used to do sporting clays with my ex-wife during the off season, we had the jogging stroller for the guns and ammo as a 100 12ga and a 100 20ga is bit much to carry along with guns and water.

    5 stand is a decent sub for sporting clays, but sporting clays are the best way to tune up your shooting in my opinion as they will present all types of different targets.

    Love the Podcast guys, thank you for the off season content.

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