Installing an Elevated Deer Hunting Blind with a Backhoe

How high can we lift a 700 pound deer hunting blind with a John Deere Backhoe? My brother wanted his deer hunting blind as high as we could get it with the equipment that we had available to us and I had just built a new set of forks to put on the rear boom of my backhoe. We thought this was a great way to test it out, but I wasn’t sure how high we could place the blind or how much I would be able to lift with the blind mounted way out on the boom of the backhoe. We were able to get the deer blind installed to a respectable height after working through all the possible issues that we may encounter along the way.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Loved this video Neil! "Shooting Shack." That comment made me sploodge my cocktail son! This post has all the makings of either a government operation or a family project. Never has so much been given for a "Bambi Abattor."

  2. Great video Neil! I loved the drone footage from your place to ours and back to the woods. Your Mama was pretty apprehensive about this endeavor with all my chicks back there, especially the one in the cab under that green monster. As usual you make it look easy. Turned into a fun family day. ❀

  3. Great video. But you had old dad a little nervous. It took the whole family to get her done but we made it. It would be okay with me if you did not take on anymore shooting Shacks hiding huts gun mount or hunting blinds jobs I would be okay with that.


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