Jeremy Hunt gives Commons statement on medium-term fiscal plan – watch live

The chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is due to make a statement in the House of Commons following his fiscal announcement.
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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. They should feed the poorest. In declaration you must first gain the high grounds of militaries but UK Mi-3 is in kherson that means grounds will be monitored too know how much left over

  2. I have lost all faith in our parliament and in All parties as over the last 5 years its been like observing an ongoing cheezy soap opera. None of you can agree on anything that benefits the success of the country and even when trying to simply debate you behave like teenagers at school. The people you represent are struggling more everyday and the vulnerable are going to have to decide whether to pay for their heating or food while many of you complain about the free lunch you're provided which is subsidised by the very same people. EVERYONE working in that institution should remember what it was built for and that it is supposed to be a place where the common people are represented fairly. So stop behaving like stuck up snobby school children and do the job you are all paid for like the adults you are supposed to be please before we end up with someone deeply disturbing like nigel farage in power.

  3. he has only one way to get this country out of an economic catastrophe of epic proportion offer pre covid UK registered companies 100% government backed loans of up to £5 million regardless of status or affordability with a condition that they do not lay any workers otherwise the economy will crumble hundreds of thousands would be made redundant, mass repossessions and evictions, mass homelessness, NHS would not survive neither would the DWP all services would crash and UK would be reduced to a third world country if we are lucky and if not UK will have to announce bankruptcy

  4. While listening to this BS pls do remember… Those bankers he speaks of don't keep thier money in santander 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 These people have offshore accounts, holding companies, shell companies etc money squirralled away in all types of places all over the world… Hunt knows this as he prob has the same. Its delusion to think these people will declare earnings honestly or pay the correct amount of tax. The rich don't stay rich by paying fair tax 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Западный мир создал кризисы, а шельмуете за это Россию??!! Вы – сборище преступников и фашистов!!

  6. End the Tax Avoidance Schemes maintained by politicians for “donations” that enable the large multinationals to pay almost 0% tax! Stop preying on the middle class and small business for the majority of tax!

  7. U.K is the most democratic nation and signs of justice for the world but now it made a mistake , innocent & poor peoples of Tigray suffering enough since 2 yrs both from own gov't & a neighbour dictator of Eritrea. U.K break your silence & take actions against those dictators save millions innocent peoples of Tigray. They desire justice U.K take actions 😪

  8. These cuts are horrible on the British people and the NHS is at breaking point mentle health patients are being ignored
    This is not a civilised country
    Politicians please make it civilised

  9. I think all the flak against Truss is a red herring! While Hunt has shafted every working person in this Country.The worst is yet to come when they scrap the triple lock.The Tories will be slaughtered at the next election.

  10. Jeremy Hunt, only one who has any small semblance of sense in that lunatic party. I thought the Raving Looney Party got 0 votes, seems they are controlling the government at this moment. Hunt is the only one who could effectively take over, got at least a crumb of sense. Truss just get out and let us forget you ever became PM.

  11. PM turned up 1 hour late with a deranged smirk from start to finish and nothing to say. That will re-assure the markets or remind us she likes champagne parties with her former chanceller's hedge fund boss.

  12. Make all mps pay for all of their living costs! How can they identify with the public when they don’t even pay any real world bills or have the threat of being unemployed without cushioning from their private donors.

    Keep big business out of politics and make lobbying illegal.

  13. What an embarrassment. It's like the Student Council promising everyone they can stop wearing their uniforms, but Headmaster has to interrupt the assembly and remind people that, no, the dress code still applies.

  14. Jeremy Hunt?

    I seem to remember looking him up many years back when he was set to run the NHS.

    I also seem to remember the only qualification he had at the time, was that he had worked for the thieves in the “American Health System” that rob everybody blind.

    Now when I look him up, seems he was working for the “Bank of England” at the time? No mention of “American Health System”. Can’t check anything with the Bank of England!

    Who is Jeremy Hunt? Please advise!

    “American Health System” – Drug Dealer’s, supported by “bought and paid for” politicians….

    The more successful the Drug Dealer, [Pfizer and the like?], the less they have to worry about the real consequences of the drugs they sell! The man on the street corner has to be much more careful what he sells.

    Can someone give me a true history of Jeremy Hunt?

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