This jon boat to bass boat conversion was built in only 5 days!! and if that wasn’t fast enough for you, watch it being built here in only 18 minutes, this video is a time-lapse of the complete build of this 16 foot jon boat!!


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  1. I am starting a rebuild on a 18’ Smoker Craft aluminum deep V hull. I liked watching your video , although I know my boat isn’t going to be as nice as the boat y’all produced . I would like to see some pictures of your layout with everything labeled .

  2. Wow!! Phenomenal job. This boat FOR SURE is finished much much better than some $20-30k big name bass boats I can assure you. That's what's depressing is looking at new show room boats and seeing all the cut corners and cheap materials. I would buy today if whoever owns this wants to sell it. And I'm serious!!

  3. Impressive work y’all!!
    Did you cast the new braces yourselves!? And I understand this is a sped up version of the whole project but honestly it is too fast with too much camera movement.. kinda can’t watch it without getting dizzy 🥴

  4. Me and my buddy did this actually this past winter I bought two of the 10 ft John boats from academy and I have a welding machine that I can use spool gun to mig aluminum or Tig weld the aluminum so we cutt them and combined them to make a 18 foot by 6 ft and some change wide bass boat by time I was done and we got it all finished it looked just like your typical skeeter bass boat or mercury bass boat can't tell it use to be a John boat it's beautiful and cost me 800 in materials and 2200 dollars total and the motor we used was a 50 hp 2 stroke Johnson I love two stroke Johnson's especially the 1969 Bayliner I restored looks like a 60s hot rod ski boat with a 220 hp 2 stroke Johnson motor that boat came with when I bought it guy had it rebuilt stroked out bigger cam and all done to it and I paid 1k for it with brand new rebuild motor with 2 hours on motor and paper work and proof to prove the motor fewshness. We used carpet in the bass boat we built but love the plastic compost paneling y'all used nice look

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