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15:44 – Story 4

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. not only that the dog was doing the right thing of making sure the one who legally blind, safe, yet that child should've learned the difference between a stuffed animal and a live one, cause that brat was charging at him as if he's a toy, which is clearly not right for a child to treat an actual animal as one, and all pets should be treated almost like a parent treats their own baby, and not like the other.

  2. The Karen who attacked Zoe and allowed her child to attack Zoe and her dog Echo deserved the punishment she received. Maybe the spoiled entitled brat may become a decent human being now that the father has custody.

  3. S2: Not only are Karens pure evil, they bring up their Devil's Spawn to become their clones.
    Only 8 months jail? That witch of a floozy of a Karen should have got 5-10 years. The other inmates would know how to deal with her entitlement

  4. S2: Stories like this make my blood boil! I almost wanted to reach through the Internet and time to give that Karen a severe spanking! Then I got to thinking: maybe that is the source of the Karen plague (and possible cure?) in that they were never set appropriate boundaries as kids. We have all seen Karens/Kevins in the making. They are the wild children running around like they should be on a leash, like the brat in this story.

  5. Good morning Krown 🌞 🌹 🌹
    These stories were great. I don't know what I would have done to that woman who attacked the blind girl & her service dog. I have been keeping a can of pepper spray on me now days. But in the Philippines I really don't have to worry so much. The people here are really helpful. I keep on me more so for the whites. They scare me sometimes

  6. "His mother had told him that's how he should behave around dogs." Add to that the mother scratching the kid's arms to make it look like the dog had bitten him and it sounds like that woman was looking for a legal payout for a dog attack. I'm not religious but I do believe in evil.

  7. How can that fiflthy wild beast be still alive. They should put that flea ridden, probably full of rabies in a cage for the rest of their life….I mean that Karen was evil

  8. omg i just realised what the mother with the evil child was doing, because if she told the kid you should always run up and grab at a dog (you should never do this to any animal or person you do not know for obvious reasons), this is a way she can sue people for money as most dogs or owners would have retaliated/defended themselves in some way (not necessarily aggressively) and then she would have a case for damages hence why she injured the kids arm to make it look like the dog did it jeez what taf is wrong with people like this, she endangering her kid for money

  9. I have progressive neurological disorders. I never know when I wake up in the morning which limbs and/or lungs, bladder, or bowels will be affected. Four days ago, I awoke with my left arm and hand were completely paralyzed. I am fiercely independent, but on rare occasions, I do need help. Yesterday, I broke down and asked one of my neighbors if he would mind taking out my trash and recyclables, after explaining – and showing – why I needed help. I felt so bad to ask him for the favor and I made sure that he knew just how much I appreciated his assistance. He knew that I was disabled but didn't know why till yesterday. He insisted that I feel free to call him or his wife if I ever need help with anything.
    I am so humbled by my neighbors' kindness, as well as by my friends'.
    I would NEVER demand that a neighbor take out my trash, mow my lawn, shovel snow, etc! My disabilities are not anyone else's problems. The nerve of that woman to demand that the teenage boy shovel her driveway, too!!😡😠 And you just know that she'd want it done for free! I've lived here for 10 years and this was the first time that I've ever asked my neighbors for help.

  10. OK so that story of the blind person has my blood boiling. In my neighborhood we have a blind woman named Joan, and everyone is extremely protective of her. She has a service dog named "Ralph", and he's a big friendly doggo. On Sunday I was working in my front yard, and heard Joan screaming, "Help, Help! Stop hitting me!" I stopped what I was doing, and pulled this nutjob off of Joan. This random woman starts screaming that I assaulted her, and she's going to call the police. I'm thinking this is going to be good. As she is digging around her purse I'm thinking she is going to pull out a phone, but instead she pulls out a can of Mace. I without thinking kicked it out of her hand. Another neighbor walks out with her house phone, and says that she has already called the police. Well this random woman ended getting cuffed, and stuffed in the back of a squad car so I guess the 3 of us will be going to court soon.

  11. don't know anyrhing about irish wolfhounds but karen better be thankful Echo wasn't full german/husky, my family had 2 at seprate times and had any one of us been attacked like that it would been liturally "GAME OVER, THE END" for her, german/huskys DON'T fuck around when someone hurts "their" pack, i can't think of a better family dog than them🤔🤔😳👍😁👍🇺🇲🦅🇺🇲

  12. That B…ch Karen needs to be arrested! For assaulting a blind person. And find out that Mom told kid he should run up to a strange dog to pet that is a Good way to get bit and hurt I'm glad she went to jail for a time. But I doubt she will ever learn from her mistakes.

  13. Cat story: demand my cat and you're getting a curt no nonsense GFY. Push it and I get progressively less pleasant to deal with in a John Wick direction.
    Last story: F right on off outta here Karen you're not entitled to my labor

  14. In the story about the blind girl karen should have been put down unlike her wanting to put the dog down after all it was only doing its job as protection and a aid for the girl.

  15. In the last story even Dutch karen's are the same they want everything done for them and at that seconds your life is useless in their eyes it seems according the stories posted, life must be nothing but a big let down to them when people do not do want they want.

  16. Dutch snow shoveling story . Yeah I’ll shovel your driveway for $50 American CASH! Pay first then I shovel ! How many people in holland have even $5USD sitting around? Or any foreign currency? ( how do you say ‘ F U Karen ‘ in Dutch ?)

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