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Remember this is a collective message so take only what resonates and do not use it as a substitute for your own intuition. This is also timeless past, present, or future energy applicable at the moment you are led to this reading.

mini reading (1 question/10-15min) – $25
30 min video read – $65
pendulum reading – $5 per question

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Ohh, DF must be a heartless, ice-haerted Cow, if she won't even give her a 2nd chance to sacrifice her again! …What a selfish COW!!!! ….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ OhmyGosh! You're so funny, Mystic Medusa! I watched this vid 2wice, & burst out laughing at that 2wice!!!! That sort of subtle witty sarcasm is a honed talent!!

  2. So Karmica threatens to kill DF/DM if he contacts her & frame one or the other, or both, for one another's murder!?! How's she plan on doing that?! Through her Mob connections?! ….LoL [giggling]…. Where does she think DF's ancestral connections come from?! Hahahahahaha…. Angels, or something!?!

  3. The deceptive jealous intent of some souls on earth to destroy competition or what they cannot have or are divinely entitled to is apparent in this reading. Keep doing what you do Medusa. It is so appreciated.,

  4. Absolutely they do put harmful intentions in meditation. I've also had people curse mediations I have shared to help people somehow. I had to start switching up things I use and not share so much. I use frequency healing alot to get through my day. Every now and then I am guided to others that help me. I still don't understand it all fully yet. I just follow my intuition and pay attention to how things make me feel. I appreciate you sharing again. I've been dealing with alot of oppressive energy so I don't feel open to sharing. They do it to keep me from speaking and try to keep me in fear and anxiety. I'm more and more aware of what's going… I have to let the universe deal with it all. I understand what I went through so if any masculine connected to me is going through similar things, I want to send them my love and tell them I do ask my guides to help protect those who are connected to me and honest. I've been dodging narcissists and witchcraft a long time by myself it seemed like. Until I realized I wasn't alone. I do appreciate the truth tellers. Hopefully one day soon I be able to share more. Thank you.

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