Layout Boat Concealment

This video is discussion #3 in our off season discussions series. This video is a short explanation of how we conceal ourselves in layout boats while duck hunting.

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  1. I'll be getting a kayak here in the near future and really like this idea for outfitting it for waterfowling. I will also be using to fish a lot, so I like the fact it's easy to remove. Do you guys still use this method or have you come up with any improvements since this video?

  2. great video guys! concealment is my absolute favorite part of hunting. I was in the army so I am obsessed with camouflage. we a hunt public river island that has an old log jam on the front we use the logs as a natural skeleton for a blind and we just get reeds and grass from the island to conceal. lol last early season. a guy I. a jon boat floated by us and stood up and started pissing off the side of his boat, never knew we were there! it was hilarious. I need to get a video up one day of the island.

  3. I like it.  Fun to do.  One thing that should be noted is that when I did these tarps I did not make them as wide as I should have so the sides of my boat show.  It is probably better to have wider tarps.  However, I have compensated by cutting grass mats in long strips and zip tying them to eyelets on the side of the boat to cover the sides.  When traveling I just flip the side strips up into the boat.  When I get ready to hunt I just flip them down.  Also, I attach the tarps to the sides of the boat by zip tying bunge hooks to the tarp and then hooking the tarps to the attached eyelets.

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