Lee Mack's Joke Leaves John Cleese In Near Tears | The Graham Norton Show

Lee Mack tells his infamous ‘Kent’ joke leaving John Cleese & Martin Clunes in near tears.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I've listened and read to this anecdotes for dozens time now. But I just imagined the night it happened this time.

    The guy on the stage had been asking the audiences where they're from and greeted them rubbishly. He then asked if someone came from Kent. And then deliberately told the Kent guy off.

    I would've laughed so much that nite. Even without knowing the lead up to it. I'd just assume the comedian had a beef with Kent and told anyone from the place off. Totally my humour!

  2. Shows you John Cleese is a far better man of quality than Norton. A top comedian (Cleese) in stitches over another great comedians' first foray into standup. πŸ€£πŸ‘β€οΈ

  3. John Cleese knew where the story was going even before it was told, since he puts his face in his hand at 1:28 , yet it still makes him crack up because even though he knew, the delivery made it that much better.

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