Let's Play Company Of Heroes 2 (BLIND) – Episode 103 – Operation Barbarossa

ORIGINAL RECORD DATE: Between November 2014 – January 2015

Hello! Welcome back to my blind Let’s Plays! For this blind Let’s Play, I am playing Company of Heroes 2! Steam had a massive sale, so I picked up everything Company of Heroes 2 related, Digital Collectors, DLC, Skins, etc. I have wanted this game for a long time now as I am a massive fan of the original. However, I’ve never been able to pick this game up because of the fortune it costs. Worry no more, I am finally able to play it! I want to apologize for the short episodes, in return, I try to provide HD videos. Thank you.

My plans for this Let’s Play:
I plan to play through the entire main campaign. I plan to play through all of the DLC (Theatre of War) and bonus mission content. I also plan to play a little skirmish blind, but only after I finish the campaign and bonus content. I will also be doing a blind play through of any other Theatre of War DLC that comes out in the future! Some other stuff as well.

If you get lost in finding what episode to be watching, just pay attention to the “Episode” number. All Company of Heroes 2 videos will be under the same playlist. Also, make sure to keep up with the playlist if you are getting lost or want auto-playing videos.

Thank you guys so much for watching. Loads and loads of Company of Heroes 2 videos coming out in the future!

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