Let's Play Genshin Impact (BLIND) – Episode 764

ORIGINAL RECORD DATE: September 30th, 2022.

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Developed by Chinese Game Dev. miHoYo, Genshin Impact recently shot up in popularity thanks to exposure, streaming, and generally being a high quality product, for free, that attempts to present itself as a Gacha game with more game, than Gacha.

I will be starting my adventure with this Let’s Play, with an accurate starting point & void of fabrication. I have a very rough history & strong opinion against Gacha games, so I’ll be putting everything to the test here.

Genshin Impact is a massive game. There’s no shortage of content to explore and complete. Due to its expanding nature, with frequent events and updates, I will be referring to this as a Willy Nilly Let’s Play, at this time. However, once I complete the game’s main story, that’ll be listed as “STORY FINALE” in the title. Everything beyond that point will be expansions and the like.

The game has Co-Op elements, but I have no plans to do any multiplayer in this LP. If, down the road, I decide to, I will make a separate side series for that. Unlike certain other games, multiplayer content is completely optional here.

NOTE: This Let’s Play is marked as “BLIND”, which means it is my first time experiencing the game and its systems. Be mindful that my skill level will reflect this, and improve over time.

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Cerulean – Tier II
Gai – Tier I
Felix – Tier I
The Unwanted Scrub – Tier I
Andy – Tier I


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Recording Software: OBS Studio
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Microphone: Blue Yeti X Black
Headset: Logitech G430’s Gaming
Platform: PC
Control Setup: Mouse & Keyboard

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