Lies and Myths about Float Pods on a Jon Boat

Lies and Myths about Float Pods on a Jon Boat

In this video we are discussing the lies and myths about putting float pods on a jon boat. I did a lot of internet research before installing my pods and received a ton of bad information from all over the place. I want to clear up a lot of myths and misconceptions of how to install float pods on a jon boat from my experience. As always don’t forget to stick around to the end of the video for the hater’s corner and lots of funny bloopers!

Big thanks to Ryan @fireantfishing for helping film the B-roll footage for this video!

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  1. Adding foam to any boat will actually decrease buoyancy minimally. Foam has weight and any weight added will lower the boat. And you’re right, 5200 will hold like mad especially on a well prepped surface.

  2. I love my boat.I hate my speed.My boat is a 14 foot aluminum v hull.Right now it is in bad need of a make over.I grew up really poor and had to fish off of pool floating blow up toys to get on a lake.At 52 I am going to treat myself to the best all around 14 foot boat I can dream of.When I was a kid a friend of mine put a 25 horse on a John boat and it was fantastic.The only thing was like you said it hung low on the water and if we slowed down to fast the wake behind us was taller than the back of the boat and sinking was a very real threat.Has anyone put these on a v hull aluminum?Love the vid!

  3. When you picked up the boat by the pod, I could see the seam open up, where the pod meets the transom — I could see the paint crack and open up. BTW 5200 is formulated for wood and fiberglass, not aluminum.

  4. Just a little tip on figuring pods. If you can determine the cubic inches of your pods (kinda tough) you can figure the gains you’ll get. The sum = x cubic inches. That sum divided by 231 cubic inches (per gallon of water)= gallons. That x 8.34 (lbs per gallon)= extra weight you can haul. IOW a pod being 15” wide, 15” long and 10” tall = 2250 cubic inches x 2 pods = 4500 cubic inches divided by 231 = 19.48 gallons x 8.34 = 162 lbs. So if you had a 200 lbs motor you could put a 362 pound motor on and draft would be unchanged. Or…. You could pull the plug, fill it with water and weigh the contents. Buuuut, you can add foam to the pods and mount a 7.3 Power Stroke and two small block Chevy’s, you’ll have a hell of a time keeping the back end in the water. Not gunna charge y’all for that. Btw, that was a fancy hot glue gun!

  5. On the side to side stability. You could put something above the waterline, similar to your float pods, but longer, that would not affect the initial stability, but instead set a limit to the heel angle if you were leaning over/climbing in

  6. The only reason foam float is because the amount of air it hold . You don’t need foam inside nothing that holds air unless you need it to hold some support for standing or whatever

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