Liz Truss Flying Blind With Economic Plan

Liz Truss has announced that she will not be using economic impact assessments as she implements her policies. This is flying blind and something the government has only ever done for brexit – and look how that turned out. Truss is giving the strong impression that she actually intends to pursue economic policies that will prove wildly unpopular with voters.
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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Or she actually believes her policies will be good for the UK as a matter of faith. There is nothing more terrifying than a convert, they tend to believe so much harder than others.

  2. But what can she do ??? She can't just print up a load more funny money and pay everyone's fuel bill. We are already over a trillion quid in debt ( remember that awful idea called lockdown ? – all that cash that had to be borrowed to pay for it…) our interest rate payments are over 80 billion quid a year – and that is with the base rate being 1.75 per cent.
    Next year when it reaches near enough 4 per cent , we be paying even more.
    The answer isn't more debt
    BTW- the budget for the nhs england last year was 120 odd billion quid – we are paying interest rate payments each year equivalent to 66 per cent of what we pay in health ….and yet more debt …and more interest payment is a good idea??.

  3. She is a silly fool , let's ignore Scotlands first minister elected democracy and belittle the Welsh , then compound it all by saying the French may be our enemy ffs its an absolute s,,.fest

  4. Does this not demonstrate Dizzy Lizzy Crass's stupendous faculty for prescience – planning for an imminent future when economic advisors are laid off along with all the civil servants? You're just being alarmist here. National economic strategy will be decided on an individual, self assessment basis. What could be more democratic than that?? It's a continuation of Dodgy Dave Cameron's shrunken head society. Liz Crass's first cabinet appointment was garnered under Dodgy Dave's openly stated gender imbalance quota purge of 2014. Anyone smugly masticating on the meritorious virtues of that purge – raise your hand. Now slap yourself on top of the head.

  5. The tory Nasti Party seems incapable of formulating anything like an economic policy – every piece if legislation or initiative reeks of ideology.

    They have yet to demonstrate how they plan to expand or “turbo-charge” the economy beyond soundbites and wish lists. There is much wrong with the UK economy. Most of the parts need replacing and if you just slap a turbo-charger on a clapped-out old motor in an effort to make it keep up with the neighbours’ BMWs, it will blow up very quickly and very messily.

  6. “ you (we) are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous (terrifying) land of imagination. Next stop – The Twilight Zone.”

  7. It’s clear what they are doing , no one is this incompetent or closed off to the world around them. Fake conservatives are being screamed and shouted at on the streets. Sadly this will get worse and escalate

  8. I’m right wing I agree this is not about party , it’s about country. Are we really powerless to stop this ? I’m honestly voting labour to save my party. This lot are crazy 😜

  9. Now here's one to fry your noodle …. Is Dizzy Lizzie in on the BoZo comeback? Has he promised her something if she intentionally fails, so he can return and 'rescue the country'?
    ….. and before you dismiss that too quickly, I am confident it won't even be close to the craziest thing you'll hear over the next month.

  10. She's going to be somekind of Tory PM guardian, who'll head the government until such a time they can walk away from the mess they have made.
    Having a general election – I reckon it's been said to her by the hierarchy that it is all hers to win.
    She gets her portrait on the stairs of No.10.
    She'll say she will do it, hierarchy laugh into their tea cups.
    Tories go into opposition & then Starr their return to power while Labour plus others fix the mess.
    I remember in 2009/2010 the financial crisis & how Labour were blamed, no mention at all it was a world crisis from Tories.
    Starmer should be blaming Tories for inflation – everything, they caused it Kier, start shouting.
    I live in North West England, people here love Angela Raynor because she talks like us.
    Starmer needs to use her more to get these Tories out of our red walled area.

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