Louisiana GOP Looks To Redefine 'Black' To Duck Racial Fairness In Voting Districts

Alex Wagner explains how Louisiana Republicans are trying to change the meaning of “Black” so that legal requirements for considering Black voters in drawing voting districts are easier to evade.
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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. The Voting Right Act served its purpose back in the 60’s when congressional were being drawn in southern states to dilute black votes for Raciest Intent. Fast Forward to modern times it’s kind of outdated in its intent. Now both parties want to their party to the biggest advantage in redistricting as possible and if happens to be a partisan or racial gerrymander so be it. So essentially there no need for that part of the voting right act anymore.

  2. Harvard said it was fine to be racially discriminatory as long as they referred to it as "diversity".

    Democrats in all 50 states redefined "woman" to duck gender fairness in voting AND non-voting districts across the country — even going so far as to rewrite laws that, in many cases, mandate gender discrimination.

  3. Wow🧍‍♀️I’m surprised how these white republicans keep running our state when majority of what I’ve seen is black liberals/independents. And I’m from north Louisiana 🫢

  4. It just can't believe huh they are so successful at convincing you to vote democratic. The republican part is your party black people. Wake up and stop falling for the hoodwinke.. the democratic is the party of the k.k.k

  5. Speaking of LA, the Democratic candidate challenging Steve "The Sleaze" Scaliese is exceptional, a rising star ⭐ I first heard about her when Velshi highlighted her. Love to hear more from her, even though she is up against steep odds of winning in such a red district, but 🤞

  6. So the ability to check DNA and identify one drop of black blood has now revealed that EVERYBODY has at least one drop of black blood is making GOP racists go Apeshit, wait until they learn that ALL humans on earth ARE apes!🤔🤣😂😭🙏

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