Love Is Blind Part III Review: The RealityShow Where Women Have No Accountability & Zanneb Unhinged

In this video, I review Love Is Blind Season 3 – Bachelor(ette) Parties, Weddings, and Reunions.

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Part I

Part II

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties 0:36

The Weddings
Raven & SK 4:46
Nancy & Bartise 6:47
Alexa & Brennan 11:19
Cole & Zanneb 11:47
Colleen & Matt 14:58

The Reunion 17:08
Alexa & Brennan 20:33
Raven & SK 22:08
Collen & Matt 23:57
Nancy & Bartise 27:16
Cole & Zanneb 29:20

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I love ya Demetri but I can tell you don’t know much about bridal fashions but I appreciate your observations. Lol. I’m saying that as someone who used to work in that industry.
    Jokes aside, I think most of the ladies (and men) chose a dress (or suit) they liked enough for the wedding but it may not have been the dress they would’ve chosen if they were in the “normal world”, under normal circumstances

  2. If i remember right.. SK had mentioned that him & raven had a very good night but he wont spill details. So I feel like they gave it up during their living together & played it off until after for.. modesty?

  3. Bartise needs to be thanking God everyday that Cole was pushed to the front line of those bullets for the reunion. Bartise was the devil in human form and they completley pushed him to the side to get at Cole the ENTIRE reunion. He was mentally beat up so bad that he bursted into tears at the reunion, I felt so bad for him. And Bartise was just sitting there chillin.

  4. You’re asking why Zanab did it? She’s a perpetual victim. She has not stopped talking about Cole – even hanging out with his ex-wife and claiming she got tea. Very deranged psycho behavior. She has to be right.

  5. Zenab is a NUTCASE! She has been SPAZZING OUT for like the past 3 weeks now on IG. From the passive aggressive fake Apology to Cole on IG, then she changed the Apology a few days later but it still sounds aggressive as hell, then she post a IG story about her meeting up with Cole's ex-wife, and then she did a couple of interviews with damn tik towers STILL being aggressive & lying. Like Zanab is CRAZY AS HELL! Her step mother & her friends need to be honest with her about how she treats & speaks to people. Also Zanab NEEDS a damn Therapist! Asap!

  6. Gillet Slay's did interviews with all of the girls individually. I would recommend! I only got through about 10 minutes of Zaineb. I just don't enjoy her… and Cole's bow tie was stupid… Colleen AND Matt explain the living situation. I kinda wonder if the producers wanted it to sound suspicious

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