Love Is Blind: The Dumbest Dating Show Of All Time

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Love is blind is a netflix dating “experiment” that is not an experiment at all and also quite silly.



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  1. Theres a show where "professionals" find u a match and u legit meet them for the first time AT the altor i think its called married at first sight u shuld check ot out see of its worth making a videos but there's always that 1 guy on each season that's straight up there for the cameras and clout while the women is there genuinely that r there for LOVE ……its a shit show lol

  2. I thought is another version of MARRIED AT FRIST SIGHT LOL but it's not as bad married first sight they don't date frist they get married frist and then devoirce lol and there's like 5 seasons 😆

  3. Mark is a baby and she's playing with that baby's heart I know he's 24 years old but honey he still is new to adulthood and she messing with him she going to mess him up. I hope he is happily married to some lovely lady that's not her right now

  4. Jessica actually got a really bad edit. She wanted to leave the show but the producers pressured her to stay with Mark, who HAD A GIRLFRIEND IRL THE ENTIRE TIME!!!!!!! Mark was always leaving their apartment to go be with his actual girlfriend. He and Jessica had an off-camera deal that they would stick it out for the show and then both say no at the altar, but Mark threw Jessica under the bus by saying yes. Then after the show ended, Mark dated LC and she found out from twitter that he was cheating on her and had gotten the other woman pregnant. Mark was secretly the villain all along!

  5. I got roped into watching this show during a bachelorette weekend last year, and the other two girls watching it with me (including the bride) took it incredibly seriously and even cried. I felt like I was in the twilight zone because I did not find one romantic thing about the premise at all. I started wondering if there was something wrong with me like I was some kind of unromantic curmudgeon, because I found it absurd and only absurd. Sometimes I like getting invested in trash reality TV, but I couldn't suspend my disbelief for even one second watching this. It's melodramatic but not in a fun way — in an exhausting way.

  6. “And if you make it thru these tests, I promise your marriage is going to be on really solid ground.” Vanessa, just because I’ve killed a Rock Troll in The Witcher 3, that doesn’t mean I’m ready to fight dragons or 800 wyverns

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